Regrettably, I am selling my ’86 Alfa GTV6 Callaway Twin Turbo, Red/Black with 47,489 original miles. This is a rare opportunity to own an incredible Alfa Romeo, 1 of 34 in fact, and this offer is all the more unique as I have over $12,000 of new & remanufactured parts for this car available as well.

This Alfa is in overall very good condition, with virtually no rust, aside from the typical GTV6 issue at the shock towers. The car has never been wrecked and the interior is in excellent condition, with no rips, tears, splits or abrasions on the upholstery. The car has been extremely well maintained and all maintenance and repairs were performed religiously.

The TT has been stored for several years following removal of the top-end of the motor, including the heads, turbos, intake and exhaust and requisite plumbing, all to rebuild the heads and repair the rust at the shock towers, a project that I never finished. The car ran fine before the teardown, but burned a bit of oil.

At this point the heads have been rebuilt by AMT Racing Engines, a premier machine shop in St. Louis that performed a complete race-prep port and polish valve job on the heads. The car has been lowered and fitted with Shankle 35% higher rate springs in the rear, bumpers were shortened and a dual exhaust was custom made, but nothing is permanent and the car can be returned to stock in a weekend.

The Callaway is substantially as the photos depict except for 1 thing; the wheels are not available and the car will come with the original and factory correct silver “wineglass” style wheels. The inventory of additional parts (which can be had at a substantial discount)  include:  A complete custom built set of 304/316 SS headers & downpipes,  fresh turbos, complete braided hose oiling kit for turbos, new clutch/flywheel assembly, new booster, rebuilt LCA’s, rebuilt aluminum front calipers, dash skin kit, and much, much more, as the PDF file included on this page documents:



1986 CALLAWAY TWIN TURBO (does not include wheels pictured)
1986 Callaway Twin Turbo rear
callaway drivers seat back
Callaway driver’s seat back
callaway drivers seat bottom
Callaway Driver’s seat bottom
callaway passenger side seat
Callaway passenger’s side seat
callaway back seats
Callaway rear seats
callaway rear seat bottoms
Callaway rear seat bottoms
callaway rear passenger seat
Callaway rear passenger seat
callaway headliner
Callaway headliner & sunroof
callaway mileage
Callaway original mileage
callaway interior detail
Callaway interior detail
callaway sunroof 2
Callaway Sunroof front view
callaway rust ps
Callaway shock tower rust passenger side
callaway rust ds
Callaway Shock Tower rust driver’s side
NEW Front Spoiler for GTV6 Included with sale
callaway wheels stock
Callaway stock factory wheels included with sale
Callaway race-prepped heads, Included with sale
Callaway race-prepped heads, Included with sale
sump bottom
NEW V6 Sump Guard
header and downpipe set
304/316 Stainless Turbo Header and Downpipe set
fresh IHI turbo for callaway TT both 2
Fresh IHI turbos for Callaway TT

Please contact me for more information.